Non-traditional Advertising

Committed Service

We are committed to giving you the service that you want and the results that you deserve at the end of the day. We offer competitive rates at various packages done quickly and professionally.

Operational Activities

T.E.A.M.P.L.A.Y. can provide trained field coordinators for various vacancies, namely: merchandisers, promodisers, push girls, field auditors, field collectors, bundlers, house-to-house researchers, area coordinators, service crews, encoders, merchandise installers, models, and others.

We specialize in promotional activations - field promotions with activities ranging from single-detached intercepts, pocket events to large scale launches and customer building loyalty programs. We also specialize in non-traditional advertising, specifically: guerilla marketing, commando promotions, alternative media, or any other conceivable way of reaching your target market.


Trained Team

We can provide you the best workforce and send them to locations right away. Members of the team are skilled and trained in field situations may they be city-wide, regional, or nationwide.

Hassle-free Deployment

We can assure you a smooth and fast deployment. With over 20 years of deployment experience, we stress the importance of real-time responsiveness/response, thereby helping you save time and money.

Other Related Services

This includes the following: promo booths, kiosks, stalls design & production, promotional novelties, and giveaways.